Lunes, Hulyo 11, 2011

MEM Program to Undergo Level III, Phase I Accreditation (2)

The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Inc. will be conducting a five-day Accreditation Survey Visit on July 19-23, 2011.  Nine different master’s programs will undergo Level III, Phase I accreditation which will focus on the inspection of documentation of the ten different areas, to wit: 1) Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, 2) Faculty, 3) Curriculum and Instruction, 4) Students, 5) Research, 6) Extension and Community Involvement, 7) Library, 8) Physical Fitness, 9) Laboratory and 10) Administration.

            The MEM Program is one of the nine programs which will undergo Level III, Phase I accreditation.  The survey team who will lead its accreditation is composed of eight accreditors from different universities headed by Dr. Nenita L. Pongco (NEUST), the team leader, Dr. Constancia G. Cueno (CvSU), Dr. Aurea A. Dela Cruz (ISU), Dr. Manolito C. Manuel (Pangasinan SU), Dr. Rimalu B. Serrano (ISU), Dr. Erlinda P. Orgaya (Partido SU), Dr. Rhodora S. Crizaldo (CvSU), and Dr. Betsie M. Dela Cruz (ISU), the members.  The over-all coordinator/consultant of the Level III, Phase I Accreditation Survey Visit is Dr. Myrna Q. Mallari from TSU.

            In order for the MEM program, or any other program, to pass the Level III, Phase I accreditation, it must excel in all the aforementioned areas and to get a rating not less than 4.0.  During the Level II Accreditation Survey Visit, the MEM Program ranked neck-to-neck with the DEM program making it one of the top programs who got the highest rating.

            The AACCUP, Inc., under its charter and registration on 1989, operates and functions up to the present to develop a mechanism of, and conduct the evaluation of programs and institutions to make them internationally recognized.  This accreditation agency provides avenue for academic excellence in several fields or areas which will then cater different institutions and programs, like our very own MEM program, provide quality and internationally-recognized training and services to its students.

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